Beautiful and customizable

You choose how your widgets will look like. Choose colors, fonts and animations.

Easy one-time installation

Add a piece of code to your website only once and then create and edit all your widgets

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Work on any website

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Prestashop...

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URL targeting

Display the widgets site-wide or choose the pages on which the widgets should appear. Target specific URLs or groups of URLs, include or exclude certain pages.

Behavior settings

Full control over the widget's behavior - choose when to start and stop to display the widget and how often your site visitors should see it.


Create custom messages that will be automatically sent to those who have completed a survey or used your contact form.


All widgets are fully responsive


A creative way to attract the attention of your site visitors

9 widget positions

Top or bottom bars, modal windows, buttons, panels or slide-outs - choose any form for your widgets and place them anywhere on a page.

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